Daffy Duck: & Porky Pig

Porky Pig wins a prize, he can’t wait to open his present, when he does, out pops Daffy Duck—His present…..this is one present he could do without.

In a big City in the US, a fiendish person is painting a mustache on all the the faces that are shown on posters and billboards. This fiend is a crazy Daffy Duck who feels he must paint mustaches on as many people as possible. Porky Pig the police officer is chasing him all over the city.

Porky Pig is a very tired traveler driving into a small town and looking for a room for the night. He is amazed to find one with a ten cents per night fee. But the owner is Daffy Duck, who puts a succession of animals in Porky’s room, and asks for more money every time he has to remove an animal from the room!





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